Kinki Kappers

Kinki Kappers (Kinki Hairdressers) was founded in 1984. It was a time of punk with controversial fashion and music and an urgent need for hairdressers who understood the needs of the street. This is why Kinki happily and blatantly ignored the prevalent hair fashion; to be creative and break the mould. We did what we wanted to do. What we liked. What was ‘not done’. Always aimed for the best hair styles. And an interior design that looked absolutely nothing like a typical hairdressing salon: a lot of colour and, inspired by the artist Christo, a lot of wrapped items (including our logo). This was the start of an awesome time of healthy mischief and very nice haircuts.

In essence, nothing has changed! We just expanded a lot as a group, with more devoted hairdressers who always put their heart and soul into this fantastic profession. Quality is still extremely important, and we work from a sound technical basis from which we launch our original ideas. We were long considered the ‘enfant terrible’ of the hairdressing sector, but we honestly know what we are doing. We don’t just randomly cut, or dye everything green, yellow or blue. Luckily many people start to realise this. All that enthusiasm, 35 shops, our own Kinki Academy’s (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) and countless national and international shows, all this makes for major encouragement to take it further. Literally.

That’s easy! Everything! As a creative group, we find inspiration everywhere we can. We are always looking for new colour techniques, new styles, ways to improve ourselves and we’re not scared to experiment and innovate. This finds its way to the Kinki salons, but most of all it forms the basis of the success of our Artistic Team. These Kinki superstars, ambassadors of L’Oréal Professionnel, give shows and demonstrations in the Netherlands and abroad. Watching these spectacular shows you need eyes everywhere!